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MSW all details

MSW is a postgraduate course that opens up a wide door of job opportunities concerning social work and welfare. MSW course is preferred by a lot of people who want to make a change in society by helping those who are in need of it. Distance MSW course is also provided to the people by various universities in which the MSW distance education in Mohali taken by numerous people has gained a lot of popularity with time. MSW distance education in India has also grown in popularity in recent years, where you may obtain an MSW through distance education. This MSW course distant education delivers high-quality education comparable to those delivered by other modalities. This is an ideal course for individuals who want to make a difference in the world by taking advantage of the existing conditions in which special benefits are granted to the poor and needy people who are marginalized and unprivileged.

Subjects that are taught in MSW Course

History and Philosophy of Social Work
Psychology for Social Work
Social Science Concepts for Social Work
Social Case Work
Community Work
Social Work Research
Field Work (Concurrent)
Social Action and Social Movements
Rural Camp
Social Welfare Management
Development Theory and Practice
Marginalized Communities: Issues and Challenges
Urban and Rural Community Development
Social Policy & Social Legislation
Poverty and Livelihood
Field Work
Environment and Disaster Management
Children, Families, and Couples
Forensic Populations and Settings

Relevance of studying MSW course

Graduates with a master’s in social work and welfare have many job opportunities after finishing their course where they can work in areas such as hospitals, schools, counseling centers, community development, health care, correction centers, and so on where they can help those in need in various areas for their overall development and survival. MSW professionals have always been at the top of the list of people in demand because India is a country with a lot of underprivileged and poor people who rely on others for survival, and as a developing country, it is critical to have more people who are experts in this field to make a difference in society and make changes according to the needs of the people. If a person has an MSW along with a BSW degree, then there will be numerous options for employment as they are needed in various sectors for the smooth functioning of a particular institution or organization.

Fee structure of MSW course

The cost of MSW courses varies depending on the curriculum and institution chosen by the student. Even though the MSW course is provided at a low cost, the quality of education provided to students will not be affected, allowing students to take this course from any place without difficulties. Because this curriculum is provided by both private and public colleges, the fee structure differs per school and as a Masters’s course which is offered for 2 years, the fees are reasonable. Because it is a vocation with a promising future and good pay, it is a course that can be pursued by anybody with an interest in social work and the welfare of the country.