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M.Lib all details

M.Lib, or Master of Library and Information Science, is a post-graduate degree available in full-time, part-time, and online study for persons with exceptional library science skills. It comprises an in-depth study of numerous principles pertaining to library and information elements. It provides learning sessions and training applicants in certain fields to improve their abilities essential for the smooth operation of the sectors. Students who are interested in reading books as well as keeping them can enroll in this course, where they will get competence in the fields of library documentation, administration, journal collection, and so on. M.Lib distance education colleges and institutions also offer M.Lib course distance education to increase the course's accessibility to people with an interest in books and other book-related activities. M.Lib from distance education is also supplied with high quality and reasonable rates, making the course available to a greater number of people around the country, with M.Lib distance education in India being one of the most essential. M.Lib course includes subjects like Library management, research methodology, etc which involve books and it provides a great platform for book lovers to excel in their area of interest.

Subjects that are taught in M.Lib Course

Foundations of Library & Information Science
Computer Basics & Applications
Knowledge, Information, and Communication
Knowledge Organisation – Library Classification & Cataloguing (Theory)
Knowledge Organisation – Library Classification & Cataloguing-I (Practical)
Library Management
Computer Applications (Practical)
Information Sources & Services
Knowledge Organisation –Library Classification & Cataloguing-II (Practical)
Marketing of Information Products and Services
Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques
Yoga (Elective)
Information Users & Needs

Relevance of studying M.Lib course

M.Lib is a diverse and thoroughly professional program that focuses primarily on the development of management abilities rather than just obtaining a degree. It is a well-designed course that is inexpensive and aids in the entire growth of the individual by requiring networking and interactions with others in addition to obtaining practical information. One of the most essential benefits of taking this degree in a secure atmosphere with a fair income is the endless availability of employment prospects. Document-related employment is also available for graduates of the M.Lib program, which is a growing course with excellent career prospects in government and corporate institutions. The distance learning M.Lib course offered by several colleges around the country enables people to take this study regardless of their living circumstances.

Fee structure of M.Lib course

The tuition structure of each semester varies depending on the institution chosen for study, as this program is offered by both private and public colleges. It is a far more inexpensive course when compared to other courses, and while being a Master’s program, the cost structure is not too expensive. The fact that you will be able to secure high-paying employment after completing it adds to its worth. The cost discrepancy may also be visible in different modes of learning, with online and distance education tuition structures being less expensive than the full-time way. The cost of the M.Lib degree varies based on the university's infrastructure, with some conventional colleges also providing it.