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BSW Distance Education in India

BSW all details

A Bachelor of Social Work is a three-year undergraduate degree that deals with various aspects of social welfare and helps you prepare for a career in social welfare and work. It helps you build a professional career along with an overall personal development focusing on the issues of the real world to provide services and help those who are in need of it. BSW course is available full-time and part-time where it provides the students with the knowledge to apply in various practical instances in life. BSW distance education in India has also gained importance in recent times where you are provided with a BSW in distance education. This BSW course distance education provides quality education which is similar to the normal education provided through other modes. This can be considered a perfect course for those who desire to make a change or difference in the world with the available circumstances where special privileges are given to the poor and needy people who are marginalized and unprivileged.

Subjects that are taught in BSW Course

Public health
Community development
Rehabilitation and correction
Women empowerment
Substance Abuse
Science and Technology
Social Problems
Field Work
Family Education
Social Work
Human Growth and Behaviour
Social Policy
Research Methods

Relevance of studying BSW course

The graduates who have a degree in social work and welfare have a lot of job opportunities after the completion of their course where they can work in areas like community development, health care, correction centers, and so on where there is a chance to help those in need in various areas for their overall development and survival. BSW professionals have always come under the head of people who are in demand as India is a country with a lot of unprivileged and poor people who need help from others for their survival and as a country that is still developing, it is important to have more people who are experts in this area to make a difference in the society and make changes according to the need of the situation. Such people deal with multiple tasks and duties where they take responsibility for managing various sectors and areas required for the development of the country.

Fee structure of BSW course

BSW course fees vary from one university to another based on the program and institution chosen by the student. The quality of education provided to students will not be compromised, even if it is provided at a low cost, allowing students to pursue this course from any location without difficulty. Because this program is offered by both private and governmental universities, the cost structure varies depending on the institution. As it is a career with a promising future and decent salary it is a course that can be pursued by any person who has an interest in the area of social work and the welfare of the country.